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Corvair powered bearhawk lsa

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corvair powered bearhawk lsa

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June 23, 13 Comments. This engine was dynamometer tested with impressive results. Above, the Wesemans make perfect baffling kits for many different Corvair powered airframes. Their most popular sets are for zeniths, Panthers and Cleanexsbut they have also made them for planes like the Bearhawk LSA.

Every part it perfectly shaped, formed and comes with all the holes drilled. They are matched hole tooled, and fit the nosebowls perfectly, no trimming required.

The parts shown above can be put on the engine in 30 minutes, it takes about an hour to install the silicone rubber seal strips. The kit not only provides a clean quick installation. It has excellent cooling.

3901-A Zenith Exhaust

Picture a white water river and a broad slow moving river that are flowing the same gallon per hour rate.The folks at Warp Drive offer what I consider to be an excellent value in propellers. While other companies come and go, Warp Drive has produced nearly 40, propellers through the years. Warp Drive props are ground adjustable aluminum hubs with solid carbon fiber blades.

These blades are very durable, and are easily shortened or repaired. The carbon fiber is immensely strong, but can be trimmed to specific diameters with a hacksaw blade. Corvair engines have a very good track record with Warp Drive props.

We used them on most of our test aircraft from the Skycoupe to the Wagabond. Our Zenair logged more than hours on warp drive in its first five months of flying.

I have a few recommendations listed below for specific Corvair applications. If you do not see your airframe listed, just e-mail or give a call.

A few quick notes: I only sell Warp Drive props for Corvair engines. I offer a discount below what Warp Drive charges. I am in the propeller business solely to pass on the savings to my Corvair conversion customers. When you order a Warp Drive prop from us, it will be shipped to you directly from the factory usually within one to two weeks. If you have any other type of engine, please contact Warp Drive directly.

Any option, such as tapered tips or color, can be added to your prop for an additional charge. We can order any of these options for your propeller from Warp Drive, and their Web site has further details on option prices.

The blades come flat black, and can be painted. Stol and Utility Planes for Corvair Power. Airframe Accessory Parts. No part of this information found on this website may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.Since it must have its own purpose built exhaust, we went all out to produce an absolute first class custom stainless installation.

Its elegantly simple look and five minute bolt-on procedure hide the fact that it took a tremendous amount of design, very accurate manufacturing and elaborate machining of the stainless steel sub-components.

Bearhawk LSA

The single heat muff functions to provide both cabin and carb heat. Mounting clamps are included and are stainless as well. Although the system is not cheap, it is priced far below stainless systems for other six-cylinder aircraft engines, and with modest care, it can be expected to outlast your airplane.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems. Category: Airframe Accessory Parts. Airframe Accessory Parts. No part of this information found on this website may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.Skip to content.

For general discussion of the Just Aircraft family of aircraft. After a thorough going-over by at least 4 sets of trained eyes, it was decided that she was ready for some taxi testing and then a little air time. The Corvair engine did a beautiful job in spite of the fact that the prop was pitched way too flat.

No cooling problems at all. A little adjusting here and there and we should be able to provide some performance figures in a couple of weeks. Leila took a video of the event, so I'll see if I can get her to post it if anyone is interested. Maybe I can get time to install the doors this weekend. Thanks for leading the way to the Corvair, Scott. Tonka -- in gestation If just enough is really good, then too much ought to be perfect.

John Edit to add: If you don't have pics, or video, it didn't happen! There are many things that happen really fast when you are flying an airplane. There is no sense in rushing any of the others. I would much rather be looking down at the runway, than up at it.

I was thinking that you were going to hoist it up to the ceiling and make it a permnant static display at the factory.

corvair powered bearhawk lsa

Congratulations on a monumental acheivment of not only the first flight, but the first application of a Corvair engine to a Just airframe!!! Phil Gasbarro. I think Troy did a crow hop in it then but I didn't catch that. This is of the motor running and doing a taxi test. It certainly sounds wonderful and looks great. Interesting tires also. I've got a handful of pictures I took of your plane on my tour of the factory last November.

Turned out great! I especially liked the Mtn Dew header tank I think that was you, right? Would love to hear the specs and performance numbers when you get time to post. What prop diameter did you go with? Board index All times are UTC.Search this site.

WW Corvair 3.

corvair powered bearhawk lsa

Barnwell is an amazing place. At the time, I was still in the process of analyzing the engine choices for my Zenith kit. The goal was to gain some experience to make a far more informed decision than I could possibly achieve on message boards and manufacturer published performance numbers. Barnwell was well out of my way but the Corvair College seemed like a great adventure and hopefully I would learn a lot about this option. There was certainly a lot to learn, and I loved it.

The second time down to Barnwell, I wasn't excited about the drive but I was excited about progress and making noise. The drive down wasn't as exhausting for Corvair College 27 because I conveniently had a business meeting in Washington DC which allowed me to break up the drive into two 8 hour sessions instead of one 16 hour drive.

So, at 2 am on Friday morning, I blitzed out of DC and was on my way to South Carolina with half an engine and a car full of tools and parts. Even though William and I had talked and exchanged the list of parts that I needed to complete the engine, I was a bit skeptical that all the parts would be there for me to complete and fire up the engine. Thankfully, everything worked out and the engine ran beautifully. So, I arrived in Barnwell at am emptied my car onto one of the tables in the hangar and got to work.

The sequence of finishing the engine it's exactly noteworthy But the event itself is exceptionally noteworthy and amazing. The hospitality is unsurpassed. Beck and crew are amazing people and hosts. The always entertaining Redditt family who were building the same engine in parallel were also in attendance and also getting ready to fire up their engine.

Fellow builders Lane Sidel and Keith Goff were graciously willing to lend a few parts to help me out. As the premiere Corvair College event for obvious reasons, there were a few special guests this time. Besides Dan Wesseman and his company's beautiful Corvair powered Panther aircraft So, Sunday morning, my cc engine was sitting on the test stand primed and ready for the early morning engine run.Login or Sign Up.

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Corvair EnginePM. Seems like there is a bit of interest and several builders, myself included, rebuilding Corvair's for the installation on the Bearhawk LSA. Here is a few links that I have found thus far. Any more info, the more the better. Bring it on and if you feel like contributing to this topic page here, great and we thank you in advance! These links have been previously posted, but just in case here they are once more. Cheers, Willy T. But that would make for another topic yet, lets keep it to Corvair's on this page.

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Pietenpol with Corvair Engine-Fly By

Log in. Forgot password or user name? Corvair Engine. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 4. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. Papa Foxtrot. It wasn't Dave's engine. The FAA did a tear-down, but the results haven't been released yet.

corvair powered bearhawk lsa

Comment Post Cancel. Cameron Ramsey. Hey Papa, I must have worded my post poorly. I was just responding to Daves post.

Sorry for any confusion to other members on the forum. Hey Guys in case anyone is interested there is a finishing school at Sport Performance Aviation at the end of this month, and they are offering a deal on a 3.

Go here for the details. Dave, did you build one of the kits, or find your own core and gather parts your self? Hi John, the kits were not available when i built my engine, so i gathered up the core parts and had them all processed by SPA. I also have all the parts William Wynee sells and I assembled the engine and went to a finishing school and test ran it, I think the kit would save time and money and would be worth it.

If I were building another Corvair engine I would go that way. I'm a long way from a final engine decision, but the Corvair is on the list of potentials. I agree, the kit option looks like a quicker way to go. I dont know about other engine suppliers but I can tell you from my experience that you will have a hard time finding the kind of support you will get from William Wynee and SPA. They are great people to work with.

Hi Guys, I wanted to see if there would be any interest in a Corvair firewall forward package. I dont know any of the particulars of it yet but if there is enough interest more details can be provided.

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